winter fairy and baby seal

  You can see a bit of her process.
 She was sculpted in polymer clay over a wire armature. She measures aprox. 6.6 inches in her standing position plus her base.
Here two pics of her early stage. First I make a wire armature/skeleton. Then a cover it with tin foil & masking tape. Later I start adding polymer clay. Once I sculpted head & torso I bake. After this I sculpt legs & I bake again.

Finaly I add arms and bake:



  Once she´s fully baked, I sand to remove any imperfection. Also I use acetone to remove sanding lines. On this pic you can see another sculpt I was working at the same time ^__^:  
  Once I sanded completely, I start painting process using genesis paints. This kind of paint must be baked. :o)


  Once she is painted, my favorite part is adding hair, eyelashes, wings and dressing. Here she is finished :)  

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her finished







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