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Hello there! my name is A. Gabriela Z. Rodríguez.    
I am 33 years old and I live in Jalisco, México. I´m an sculptor of ooak figures in polymer clay.

I sell my work Internationally and my dolls are   in private collections all over the world! even one of my dolls (my Britney doll) is owned by the real Britney Spears, she has her in her private collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started in the art since  I was 5 years old. I love drawing, painting portraits and sculpting. I studied painting art career in the Arts School of the University of Guadalajara in Mexico but I discovered later that I love sculpture art more than painting and drawing, so currently, I´m dedicated to the sculpture.

I sculpt  in polymer clay. I love to sculpt celebrities, fantasy characters such as fairies, mermaids, elfs, goblins, pixies, brownies, sexy ladies and miniature animals. My fairies and fantasy characters come from my own imagination and all of my pieces are all sculpted by hand without the use of any molds. Every piece I create is an authentic OOAK, this means that there will be only one like that in the entire world.

I started creating formally these Ooak sculptures since 2008 but  I actually discovered this amazing new way of art accidentally in 2006 while I was searching info on google. What I found let me so amazed: tiny sculptures super detailed wich looked so real and alive made in polymer clay! They were fairies and mermaids that artists called ooak doll art. I started looking for info about how these wonderful sculptures were made and I discovered a whole new way to make art that I have never seen before. Now, I am hooked and I can´t stop making these little characters! I feel like I´ll never stop learning to make them but art is like that, you´ll never stop learning something new, always will be something new you can do to get better your work :)

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I mostly sell my work on ebay!


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